Advanced Reactors

Advanced Reactors

Tested working with Alpha 6. It has been a while! Been busy “testing” (ie, playing) the game instead of keeping my mods up to date. If you have any problems, please let me know.

= Updated everything for Alpha 6.
= Removed Magnetic Resonance (300W) reactors altogether. I ended up not liking them, even though they were green.
= Slight changes to resource requirements, descriptions, etc, for the remaining two reactors.

= Adds 2 advanced reactor research projects to RimWorld, which must be researched sequentially and allow you to build colored standing lamps which represent advanced reactors as sources of power. (Attempts to be lore friendly in the sci-fi sense.)
= Research Ionic Capacitance Reactors to unlock blue lamps which provide 750W each.
= Research Micro-Singularity Reactors to unlock red lamps which provide 2200W each. Requires Ionic Capacitance research project.
= Reactors are flagged as “transmitsPower”, “ignoreNeedsPower”, and “Impassable”.
= Other than the colors, the glow radii of the reactors have been reduced from that of a regular standing lamp. (The colors do look pretty, though!)
= Moderately over-powered for the game.

= Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
= Activate the Advanced Reactors mod in the mod menu (from the main menu).

= Safe to add to an existing save game or new game, but NOT safe to remove from a save game.
= Tested working with RimWorld Alpha 6.
= Advanced reactors look just like standing lamps! I am not an artist in the least, so I use existing texture assets from Core.
= The sheer density of power production that these provide is off the charts! If anyone would be interested in creating custom 2×2 or 3×3 textures for these, that would be cool. It would certainly help with balancing for those who like a tougher game.

= I do this for fun, so anyone can modify, integrate, re-texture, and re-release my mods to your heart’s content.

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