GHXX’s Tech Advancing – Polish Version

GHXX’s Tech Advancing – Polish Version


Installation of the original modification is required! A crack, extract to the RimWorld \ Mods \ TechAdvancing \ languages ​​folder in the main game directory and
activate in the mod menu.

This is Polish Translation.

Hello. I present a crack for the modification of GHXX’s Tech Advancing.
Modification changes … well, as the name suggests – it allows us to change our technology level. Does it annoy you that despite the discovery of electricity, your level is still Neolithic because you chose a tribe? End of it. After researching the appropriate technologies, your level jumps higher and higher. There are two options:
A: After researching all technologies in category X, your level jumps to X.
B: After researching 50% of the Y technology, your level jumps to Y.
Just install and nothing needs to be changed – the modification adjusts to SAVE immediately.

Inside the manual and main files.

Polonization !! REQUIRES !!

In case of any problems or inconvenience related to translation, please visit PW

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