Interests Framework

Interests Framework

Harmony – Load before this mod
Interests – Load before this mod

Adds tools to create skill-linked “interests” in place of and in addition to the basic major and minor passion.

This mod does not significantly change the game on its own. Instead, it enables modders to create their own interests more easily than would otherwise be possible, as passions are hard-coded into the game.

Check out my Interests mod, which utilizes this framework to add 11 new interests to the game

Load order:

Interests Framework

Compatible with:
– EdB Prepare Carefully (patch included)
– RimHUD (patch included)
– Character Editor (patch included)
– Work Tab
– Mad Skills (though this may change functionality of some learn rates, obviously)

– Generally, mods that display skill/passion information in an exclusionary way. I don’t know any in particular other than the ones I’ve explicitly patched, but they’re bound to be out there. Let me know if you find one.
– Custom races may or may not take advantage of expanded passions automatically.

– Source code is included, so feel free to look and modify anything you want.

– DInterest.InterestDef: new type of def for interests. Define one in XML using the preset fields, or subclass it and use the hooks from InterestBase.
– Defined interests are automatically added to the pool with the given properties. These include the ability to modify:
– Learn rate
– Forget rate
– Texture
– Chance to appear (through a weight system)
– Chance for the associated skill to be chosen for inspiration
– Chance for inspiration to occur
– Skills ineligible for the interest

– Additionally, you can subclass InterestDef and override any of the methods. This allows you to define behavior to occur on every tick for every pawn with the given interest, or create interests that affect all the pawns on the map when they use the given skill (among other things).

Please let me know if you run into any issues, compatibility or otherwise.

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