Adds a space cats faction. They like the cold. They hail from a planet that could be described as an arctic nightmare to humans, but it is nice and cozy to the cold-loving cat people. After developing FTL travel they have decided to unite their home planet and expand their empire at an unprecedented speed. While generally friendly, they will not tolerate kidnapping their people and they may be upset due to you encroaching on their territory.

Requires new game for the faction to spawn unless you have Faction Discovery by Orion.
I recommend that you use the Hospitality mod if you don’t want to kidnap the space nekos to recruit them.
Two of the hairstyles were modified from Rimsenal Hairpack.

A17 Update
Update 1: Updated to A17 + misc changes
Update 2: Orassans no longer have an aversion to belts
Update 3: BodyAddon update for alien framework
Update 4: Misc tweaks. Orassans have a higher chance to dodge melee attacks.
Update 5: Backstories added. Several were written by AuraKnight
Update 6: Misc. bug fixes. Balancing tweaks.
Update 7: More backstories. Orassan weapons no longer use the charged shot projectile and now use their own. Edit regarding social fights.
Update 8: Misc changes. Officer Winters got a haircut.
Update 9: The Cryogenic Launcher now causes hostility.

Update to A18 thanks to ChJees (C#)
Update 1: Fixes to Ear alignment for side views, Orassans can start as a normal player colony, changes to Orassan weaponry recipes
Update 2: New firearm. New weapon sounds, courtesy of Xen
Update 3: Cat’s Eye berries added (analagous to coffee). Catnip and the new plant can only be grown by Orassans now.
Update 4: Orassan agrarian techniques have been added
Update 5: Various bugfixes
Update 6: New textures and weapons, and added Neo-Concrete. You make Neo-Concrete at the stonecutting table with rock powder (made from stone chunks.)
Update 7: New Hazmat suit by Arnolidos and new weapon textures by Shotgun Frenzy
Update 8: New melee weapon and a type of power generator. The generator must be made on top of a Betharian stone deposit, which can only be detected by a drill after building a ground penetrating scanner.
Update 9: Ear offset finally fixed. Balance changes.
Update 10: Added a light alternative to the exoskeleton armor. Texture by Arnolidos
Update 11: Added production table, backstories, added new tails for gene warriors, and fixed minor bugs

Known Bugs:
Slaves may show up with Orassan hairs and tails, potentially even backstories, but will remain human

*Prepare Carefully only sorta works; it has problems with new bodyparts (tails) as well as trouble with presets

Patches can now be loaded as mods now; make sure that they load under Orassans and the mods you’re patching. They are not standalones and require Orassans and either EPOE and/or CR to function.

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