So what is Superior Crafting? Well, it’s my vision on how a redesign of the research tree and production chain can enhance the feel of starting out alone and isolated on a new world. With Superior Crafting, you start with minimal items you can build, and must research your way up to the more advanced items. The production chain is also enhanced, so that crafting plays a larger role in your colonies growth. This mod may not be for everyone. You have to work hard to unlock the good stuff, nothing is given to you for free. You’ll also have to make hard choices as to what you want to research next. This choice matters, and depending on the biome you start in, one technology may benefit you more than if you started somewhere else.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or ideas, because without you the community this mod would not be what it is today!

* Updated to alpha 11
* Training items are now used automatically when the pawn is idle, as well as manual use
* Added a flamethrower weapon
* Added a fire extinguisher
* Hydroponic tables can now automatically change all connected tables to grow the same plant type
* Updated all in game textures to remove unsightly ghosting
* Replaced wood plank texture with something more pleasing to the eye
* Balanced vents so temperature equalizes more evenly between connected rooms
* Decreased the cost of campfires to help balance starting in cold climates
* Decreased the cost of mulch used to fertilize soil
* Mulch now is made from kindling instead of whole logs
* Increased the amount of silver traders have available to buy your goods with

* Hoppers now properly accept hauled items
* Growing zones now working properly for crops
* Meal source alert now properly recognizes the cookstove, grill, and food prep table
* Floors can now be removed
* Equipment rack is now able to store items properly
* Minor fix to allow for worktables to function better
* Raiders should no longer be armed with fire extinguishers
* Colonists should now be able to resume crafting melee weapons at the craftsman’s table
* Fixed bug when adding the 5th colonist to the training menu
* Fixed the advanced prosthetic arm, power claw, & scyther blade so they now properly work as melee weapons
* Colonists will now stop training if asked to perform another job
* Fix to workgiver code for fire extinguishers

– FAQ –
Question: I want to build a furnace, but it wants to make it out of slate blocks and I don’t have any and can’t make any.
Answer: If you click on the icon in the build menu, you can select what types of blocks you can build it from. Sometimes the default selection isn’t a type of block you may already have.

Question: How do I use the training devices?
Answer: All four training devices are mannable. Just activate your pawn and right-click the item to direct them to man it. They will stop using it when they are tired, hungry, or interrupted by you.

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