Synthetically created humanoids, commonly called “Synthos”, are often used on Glitterworlds to do the things deemed “unwanted” by the populace. They are usually attractive, as anyone on the Glitterworlds would want their servants to be.

Current Version: 1.4.7


The update for 1.1 compatability was done quick and dirty with zero playtesting. Please report any bugs immediately

Playable vat grown Humanoids complete with backstories. All syntho are Vatgrown as children but their adulthood is random from a small pool of jobs.
New plant, Enargo, a natual solar cell plant.
New meals. Normal/Lavish/Paste. Made from Enargo at various stations.
New power generation based on Enargo. Environmentally friendly. *UPDATED TEXTURE*
New clothing and armor.
Two new melee weapons and two new guns. Craftable at the stations you would expect them to be.
Custom start Scenario
Lore friendly (albeit a bit shy on the details)
Works with existing saves (Faction won’t spawn unless you have a mod for that though)
Works with EPOE and RBSE
Enargo Blender for converting old, normal food into fresh Enargo Paste. Should make it easier to start.
E-Gazelle Found in the wild almost everywhere, produces an alternative to Enargo.
*NEW* Organic Printer. Used to print parts for…
*NEW* Growable Syntho! You can now craft parts to grow your very own colonists. Requires…
*NEW* Researches! Syntho now have their own research tree!

The Stats:
Generally speaking, Syntho are about 25% better at everything physical.
Mental, however, they are less impressive with. They research 15% slower and learn 10% slower due to the rapid development of their bodies and brains.
They cannot eat normal food either and require energy from Enargo.
Comfortable temperature for both Syntho and Enargo is 10C to 30C.
They do not have parents.
Glitter Pistol is extremely accurate at close range and moderately at medium but pretty bad at long range. It’s also extremely light so don’t bother using it as a melee weapon. High damage.
Glitter Rifle is accurate at long range, but not at close range. About on par with assault rifle, but better at ranged combat in the long run.
Glitter Knife is just an improved knife that’s more expensive.
Glitter Sword is much the same.

They can live to about 250 years old, with most of them being between 20 and 120 years old.

Known Bugs
For some reason, sometimes males spawn with twintails regardless of that hair being tagged as female only.
Wandering pawns that join of their own free can spawn with normal backstories and parent-child relations.
Known conflict with Questionable Ethics due to overlapping code by ChJees.

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