This is a terraforming mod, that allows to change/build terrain, rocks and ores and terraforming stuff.


last update: 2020-09-09
This is a terraforming mod, that allows to change/build terrain, rocks, ores and terraforming stuff.

• Terraforming of all original terrains, including water and rocky terrain
• Terraforming of all other terrains
• Build/Remove rocks and mineables of all ingame found stones and ores
• Build/Remove overhanging mountains
• Build Terraforming Helper
• Build Flora
• Optional instant construction/deconstruction
• Research based UI (research what you want to use or enable ‘vanilla look’ if you don’t want to research)

• Terra-Emiter – for automatic terraforming
• Flora-, Rock-, Mineral-, Mountain-, Tectonic-, Weather-Emiter, Replicator
• Colorizeable terrains and mineables
• Customizable terraforming costs

• Autom. generated placeability description
• Autom. generated UI defs with labels and descriptions of selected language, when available
• Contains special support for obsidian stones from SZ_StonesAndTerrains
• Contains lava animation support when using together with SZ_StonesAndTerrains or SZ_Terrains or Advanced Biomes

• Construction is skilled on terraforming, when costs on
• Compatible to savegames

• [Mod] Vanilla Look (Enable/Disable)
• [Emiter] enabled (Enable/Disable)
• [Instant] construction (Enable/Disable)
• [Placing] without restrictions (Enable/Disable terrain placeability check)
• [Scatter] on rocky terrain (Enable/Disable)
• [Terrain] use all terrains (Enable/Disable)
• [Costs] for terraforming (Enable/Disable)
• [Costs] silver instead of wood (choice)
• [Costs] value (Adjustable from 1 to 9999)
• [Costs] custom (for custom terraforming costs)
• [Work] to build (Adjustable from 100 to 9999)
• [Weather-Emiter] effect temperature (Adjustable from 20-9999)
• [Emiter] tick frequency [fps] (Adjustable from 30-60000)
• [Emiter] search distance (Adjustable from 0-100)
• [Emiter] base fuel consumption (Adjustable from 0-100)
• [Emiter] use alternative icon (Enable/Disable)
• [Lava] slowdown (Adjustable from 0 to 300)
• [Lava] a lot of other optional lava parameter…

This mod can be used together with other stone, ore and terrain mods.

1. Research one of them and build
2. Select and configure a recipe for this emiter
3. If you selected a recipe that needs a ‘Terraforming’-Area, then make a ‘Terraforming’-Area/Zone in range of the emiter
4. Watch the emiter working
Hint: Replicator needs a Stockpile-Zone

1. Needs a mod which have lava terrains. (Like: SZ_StonesAndTerrains or SZ_Terrains or Advanced Biomes)
2. Research ‘Tectonic Emiter’ under ‘Terraform’ tab and build it
3. Make sure you have some lava terrain on map
4. Wait for the random tick to watch the animation
Build more Tectonic-Emiter to trigger more animations.
Configure your own lava under the mod options or let it as default.

1. Load the mods, which are marked for your savegame.
2. Sometimes its enough to load the savegame, then let the time run for some seconds, save the game and reload again.
3. Some errors can be fixed by removing/destroying all working tables and benches, then refer to 2.
4. if you should have errors because of missing minified, then try to enable mod option ‘force minified creation’.

• 2020-02-24 compatibility update to rimworld 1.1, multiversion update
• 2020-02-29 1.0 downgrade to fix stone problem (only affects the 1.0 dll file, the 1.1 dll is still actual)
• 2020-08-13 v1.2 added
• 2020-08-13 fix for weather emiter
• 2020-09-09 fixed bill issue for all emiter

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