Winery – Wine making and Ageing

Winery – Wine making and Ageing

This mod allows you to create a winery. It allows the creation of wine from the growing of the grapes to fermenting and finally ageing the product.

Expandable Fermenting and Processing – This mod opens up the fermenting process to simple XML editing, i would have been unable to make this mod myself without this.

The version for Rimworld 1.1 and 1.2 of this mod are also available on steam
The Version for Rimworld 1.0 can only be found here as uploading an out of date mod onto the workshop sucks
both versions of the mod should work identically

This mod adds 7 things to the game, Grape Plants, Grapes, Must(proto wine, equivalent to wort for beer), Wine, Aged wine, Wine Fermenting barrels and Wine Ageing barrels; all of these bar the Grapes themselves are locked behind the brewing research, just like beer.

Grape plants require a skill of 8 (one higher than hops) to plant, and take 40 days of growing before producing their 1st crop, but produce another every 15 days after, so growing grapes is an investment. To offset this somewhat, grapes do not die in cold conditions and are immune to blight but protecting them from other dangers is very important.

Grapes are edible as food equivalent to berries, but their main purpose in this mod is to be turned into wine, once you have researched brewing this is done by turning the grapes into must at the brewery (you get the same must/tile/day from grapes that you get wort/tile/day from hops) and then fermenting them in the wine fermenting barrel (the way the code is it is much easier to add another barrel than to make one barrel do two things) which will produce wine in the same amount of time that it takes to turn wort into beer.

Wine is Identical to beer in all ways except name and texture to beer, the real reason to put the time into growing grapes is to age the wine, this is done in barrels (I would like to have ageing racks but making those textures is beyond me) which are separate to the fermenting barrels. Wine gets aged for 36 days, making climate control a potential worry. Ageing prefers to be a bit colder than fermenting but otherwise has a similar range.

Fine wine is a bit more valuable than Yayo, and if you leave walkways around your barrels has about a similar value per tile per day to yayo, it also provides an additional mood boost above that of just drinking alcohol, this boost is in a similar vein to eating a good meal and tolerance will not affect it. The boost lasts a bit over a day and does not stack with it’s self

Wine making should hopefully be an effective economy, provided you are willing to devote the layout time, and is safer than hard drugs, you probably need to intend to make wine from the start of your colony because of the large initial time investment.

Note: Prerequisite mod may cause your existing beer barrels to cease if you install it mid game (may not anymore either). Deconstructing and reconstructing them should help.

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