Yes Vehicles Finally

Yes Vehicles Finally

I was searching for a mod of vehicles and it ended up me finding this old mod from B17 to
B18. I ended up forking it from github and continuing the work of Mason J. Caboose’s Yes,
Vehicles mod.

Combat Extended (Optional)
Haineko’s Tinkering (Optional)
JecsTools (Necessary)
Polarisbloc Pack (Optional, Install Haineko’s Tinkering)
Rimsenal Pack (Optional, Install Rimsenal CE Pack)
Run and Gun (Optional)

[v0.83.4] [1.0+] Yes, Vehicles, Finally! – A somewhat* new way to travel the planet!
with Combat Extended or Combat Extended FastTrack & Run and Gun support, with Faction AI addition!

I was searching for a mod of vehicles and it ended up me finding this old mod from B17 to
B18. I ended up forking it from github and continuing the work of Mason J. Caboose’s Yes,
Vehicles mod.

Thank You Jecrell for making JecsTools, Neronix for forking the Vehicle code from JecsTools
([O21] Vehicle Framework), and Mason J. Caboose for making the original WIP mod!
Thank you for Hjkma for the Combat Extended patch Hotfix #2!

How does it work?
To acquire a vehicle you need to research Machining and Smithing and then you will be able to build the Vehicle Table. With it you can construct a box filled with vehicular pieces, and vehicle weapons.

To assemble the vehicle, instruct a pawn to follow the included manual in the box (right-click the box). Upon following guides 1-Z on your Ikea manual and throwing away the last 5 screws, your pawn will have successfully assembled a working scrap heap!
Upon assigning a driver, you must instruct the vehicle to draft itself for glorious duty. Just like any partially oiled machine, you’ll have to fill and power it with chemfuel!

You will need both a driver and a gunner to shoot from the vehicle. Only the burst cannon, and machine cannon fits on the APC, and Machine Gun fits only with the Truck and ATV. (visually buggy yet, but works)

When doing a caravan with a vehicle, make sure you include one colonist outside the vehicle to not get the “Downed Colonist” feature/issue from the Vehicle Framework

You got 5 vehicles currently in the mod:

With 7 types of vehicular weapons:

Rail Cannon
Tank Cannon
Artillery Cannon
Naval Cannon
Burst Cannon
Machine Cannon
Machine Gun

And make sure you got alot of Steel, Component, and Plasteel in your inventory to craft the vehicles and weapons.

Make sure that you have JecsTools installed.
Extract and copy the contents in the Mods folder.

Mod Load Order (follow this):
Yes Vehicle Framework
Combat Extended
Other mods…
Yes, Vehicles, Finally!

Make sure that Yes, Vehicles, Finally! is the last mod loaded or the last mod from Combat Extended, or other optional mods.

Additional Notes:
For Combat Extended users only, vehicles does not need to be loaded up with ammo to work.
For Polarisbloc users only, please disable Combat Extended.
If your goal is caravanning, load the driver into the vehicles first, then create the caravan with one colonist outside the vehicle.
The Vehicles Mod cannot be removed from a saved game.
AI factions may be able to use vehicles in raids, caravans, and bases.
This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.
The Vehicles Mod requires the JecsTools Library in order to work.
Compatible with the latest Combat Extended and Run and Gun.

Incompatible Mods (until further notice):
Tenants – Causes compatibility bugs with Vehicle Framework when tenants spawn in with vehicles.
Achtung! – Causes compatibility bugs with Vehicle Framework in general.
What The Hack!? – Causes compatibility bug with Vehicle Framework in general.

My current ModsConfig.xml (AppData folder):

  • Core
  • HugsLib
  • JecsTools
  • Yes Vehicle Framework
  • CombatExtended
  • GiddyUpCore-1.1.6
  • GiddyUpCaravan-1.1.1
  • GiddyupBattleMounts-1.1.2
  • Miscellaneous_Core
  • Miscellaneous_MAI
  • Miscellaneous_Robots
  • Miscellaneous_TrainingFacility
  • Miscellaneous_Incidents
  • Robots_PlusPlus_Misc_Robots_Xtension
  • Miscellaneous_EndGame
  • Miscellaneous_BeeAndHoney
  • Miscellaneous_MapGenerator
  • Miscellaneous_WeaponRepair
  • Miscellaneous_MapGenerator_FactionBase
  • Miscellaneous_MapGenerator Urban
  • Miscellaneous_TurretBase
  • Miscellaneous_XPatches_CE
  • Rimsenal
  • Rimsenal_Feral
  • Rimsenal_Hair
  • Rimsenal_Federation
  • Rimsenal_Security
  • Rimsenal_Storyteller
  • Rimsenal_Vanilla
  • Rimsenal_CE_Patch
  • RImsenal_Feral_CE_Patch
  • Rimsenal_Federation_CE_Patch
  • Rimsenal_Security_CE_Patch
  • Rimsenal_Vanilla_CE_Patch
  • Moody
  • RimHUD
  • TilledSoil
  • RunAndGun-1.1.5
  • FishingNets
  • Gloomy Hair
  • Gloomy Face
  • BetterLoading
  • BetterMiniMap-1.0.0
  • Increased Stack
  • Share The Load – Release
  • RimWorld-MendAndRecycle-master
  • AvoidFriendlyFire
  • MoreDetailBody
  • Lovely Hair Style
  • Color Coded Mood Bar
  • Electric Stonecutting Table
  • SaveStorageSettings
  • WorkTab
  • Blueprints
  • FollowMe
  • AnimalTab
  • Pharmacist
  • MedicalTab
  • RelationsTab
  • StuffedFloors
  • ModManager
  • AreaUnlocker
  • ResearchTree
  • ColonyManager
  • BirdsAndBees
  • Furnace
  • Rimkit-1.4.763
  • Dubs Skylights
  • Dubs-Paint-Shop-1.0.208
  • Dubs-Mint-Menus-1.2.346
  • FluffyBreakdowns
  • Dubs Bad Hygiene
  • Dubs-Mint-Minimap-1.1.109
  • RT_Fuse-1.0-1.2.1
  • RT_PowerSwitch-1.0-1.0.13
  • RT_SolarFlareShield-1.0-1.3.1
  • Spotted
  • DeepRim
  • RimCities Mod
  • RimQuest
  • AllowTool
  • Hospitality
  • Rimefeller
  • Rimatomics
  • RuntimeGC
  • Ceiling Light
  • PowerLogic
  • Smart-Speed-2.01
  • RimworldSwimming-1.0.0
  • Glass&Lights
  • RemoteTech
  • Smoked-Meat
  • Panzer Muffalo
  • More Furniture
  • Realistic Rooms
  • SimpleSidearms
  • Roads of the Rim
  • Faction Discovery
  • AnimalCollabProj
  • Advanced Biomes
  • MizuMod-1.7.2-pre2
  • Smokeleaf_Industry-1.14a
  • Fences And Floors
  • Expanded Incidents
  • Resource Replicator
  • EdBPrepareCarefully
  • Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion 2.0
  • NoRandomConstructionQuality-1.0
  • More Faction Interaction
  • AdjustableTradeShips
  • CentralizedClimateControl
  • Rimworld-Shields
  • Vegetable Garden
  • VGP_Garden_Drinks
  • VGP_Canning
  • VGP CoffeeTeaDrugs
  • VGP_Garden_Gourmet
  • VGP_Garden_Drinks_Bulk
  • VGP_Garden_Dyes
  • VGP_Tools
  • VGP_More Veggies
  • VGP_Fabric
  • VGP_Medicine
  • VGP_Soylent Production
  • VGP_Resources
  • VGP_Trees_Flowers
  • Yes, Vehicles, Finally!
  • Changelogs:
    – Updating some Verse and Core references from B17/18 to v1.0+ variants, to remove.
    – some errors on the log file. Though, there are still possible incompatibility issues.
    – Fixed some XML duplicate errors.
    – Fixed the 3 default vehicles. (Truck, APC, and Tank)

    – Fixed serious bug Rimworld.ThingDefGenerator_Corpses.CalculateMarketValue (Verse.ThingDef raceDef).
    – Fixed visual bugs.
    – Weapons not operable yet while in vehicles.

    – Added new vehicle. (ATV)

    – Transferred vehicle code from JecsTools to -O21-Vehicle Framework by neronix17.
    – Working as intended, including weapons. YEAH!!!!
    – Some random non-critical bugs may occur, and some visual bugs.
    – ATV graphics changes.

    – Changed Tank and APC visuals.
    – Added new weapon: Machine Gun.
    – Added Combat Extended compatibility!
    – Added ATV and Truck weapon placement. (Buggy)
    – Changed some values of the weapons.
    – Added build time for weapons.

    – Updated Combat Extended Patch (Uses CE projectiles now).
    – Modified some weapon capabilities.

    – Additional patch changes for Combat Extended.
    – Added AI enemy vehicles in raids, and defensive + cargo vehicles in AI caravans.

    v0.7d + Hotfix
    – Major update, New game is optional, but maybe needed. (Sorry for the inconvinence.)
    – Added vehicle flammability values. (Vehicles can now burn!)
    – Added exploding vehicles when damaged. (Boom! Vehicles, it kinda has a bug but non-critical.)
    – Added chanceToStartFire values. (When vehicles explode, it can cause a wildfire!)
    – Added different color schemes for different AI faction type. (Red = Bandits, Light Green = Outlanders)
    – Added support compatibility with Run and Gun.
    – Nerfed vehicle excessive movement speeds. (No more ultra-Blitzkrieg!)
    – Changed Combat Extended vehicle weapons and melee values. (Fast firing guns galore and accuracy hotfix.)
    – Changed Combat Extended 20x110mm Hispano projectile to explode on impact. (Fire in the hole, Boom!)
    – Non-critical bug found when clicking the info of a vehicle. (Not-fixed yet)
    – Non-critical bug found when vehicles die and explode. (Not-fixed yet)
    – Transferred and updated CE_patches.xml from CombatExtended/Patches folder to Yes, Vehicles, Finally!/Patches. (Updated by Hjkma)
    – Updated Combat Extended patch to run with or without Combat Extended, thanks to Hjkma.

    – Added vehicle fuel gauge.
    – Added variety of weapon quality.
    – Added specialDisplayRadius for weapons.
    – Changed weapon ranges depending either CE is installed or not.
    – Patched some weaponTags.
    – Fixed bug: JobDriver error when building weapon above “good” quality.
    – Vehicle repairs now possible, as updated by neronix17. (Repairs are automatic, no user control needed)

    – Added support for Rimsenal and Polarisbloc mods.
    – Added vehicle faction AI for Rimsenal and Polarisbloc mods. (Raids, Caravans, and Bases)
    – New vehicle: ATV with a Cart/Wagon. (on its back, I downloaded that old mod, Tools for Haul. Might revive it?)
    – Not recommended to use Combat Extended with Polarisbloc. (No CE patches yet for Polarisbloc.)

    – Added new tank weapon, Artillery Cannon.
    – Added carts for tribal traders, peaceful visits, and settlements.
    – Fixed minor bug: specialDisplayRadius errors for all the weapons.
    – Fixed possibly the Manifest and ModSync xml files.
    – Changed some details on the CE patch.
    – Nerfed abit of weapon accuracy percentages.

    – Added Naval Cannon. (Dual 280mm cannon!)
    – Added new Combat Extended only ammo types. (88mm, 120mm, and 280mm)
    – Added new raid strategies with no drop pods for vehicles only. (Fixes enemy raids with vehicles with no driver/passenger/gunner when its on drop pods.)
    – Fixed raids patches for the new strategies.
    – Added compatibility with Allow Tool and Ignite Everything mods. ([O21] Vehicle Framework compatibility fixed.)
    – Nerfed vehicle and vehicle parts box market values.
    – Buffed fuel consumption of all vehicles.
    – Added weaponCardinalDirection as stated for v0.4 of [O21] Vehicle Framework for weapon facing fix from sideward to forward when not in use.

    v0.8b.2 Patch #1
    – Fixes the Hospitality Bug where guests cannot spawn.

    v0.8b.2 Patch #2
    – Readded Combat Extended compatibility.
    – Removed custom ammos for Combat Extended compatibility.
    – Readded Combat Extended original ammos for shells.

    – Added automated / manual loading of weapon ammo to vehicles.
    – Weapon balances.

    – Vehicle item inventory selector.
    – Automated loading of items into the vehicle.v0.83.2
    – Vehicle item inventory selector.
    – Automated/manual loading of items into the vehicle.
    – Fixed some texture errors with lost textures found and fixed xml files.
    – Patched CE Armor ratings.v0.83.3
    – Reverting patched CE Armor ratings. For current bug fix on CE errors.

    – Vehicle item inventory selector.
    – Automated/manual loading of items into the vehicle.
    – Fixed some texture errors with lost textures found and fixed xml files.
    – Patched CE Armor ratings.

    – Reverting patched CE Armor ratings. For current bug fix on CE errors.

    – Major mod fixes incoming.

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